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BMC PATROL for Oracle WebLogic provides a complete monitoring and  management solution to ensure reliable, predictable performance of a Oracle WebLogic Server environment. It also provides several reporting mechanisms for key parameters.  

BMC PATROL for Oracle WebLogic discovers, monitors, and manages information about the following WebLogic components:

  • Server monitoring: monitor WebLogic administration and managed servers across WebLogic domains. A blackout function can suspend monitoring during routine shutdowns and backups.
  •  Cluster support: monitor your WebLogic clusters from an independent PATROL application class. Clustering can improve scalability and reliability of your WebLogic environment.
  •  JMX MBean monitoring: select which MBeans should be monitored and define automatic actions and notification alerts.
  • Pre-collection filtering monitors only those WebLogic Servers instances that we select.
  • Monitors Oracle WebLogic Server by using the BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration Console, TrueSight console, and  BMC Helix Operations Management .

Server monitoring

BMC PATROL for Oracle WebLogic includes several menu commands and parameters for managing instances of Oracle WebLogic server, including Managed and Admin Servers. Within BMC PATROL, you can perform the following tasks: 

  • Tune BMC PATROL for your monitoring environment by turning off selected collectors. By turning off collectors for parts of the system that are not critical to your WebLogic Server environment, you can reduce resource demands and improve overall PATROL performance. If you experience slow performance, try turning off unnecessary collectors.
  • Select the servers and components to monitor.
  • Monitor a single Managed Server without requiring an available Admin Server: if the Admin Server is down, BMC PATROL can continue to collect data, monitor performance, and manage the Managed Server.

Clustering support

BMC PATROL for Oracle WebLogic supports a clustered server environment and provides features to manage clustered nodes. Clusters improve scalability by allowing additional servers to be quickly added to the WebLogic Server environment and improve availability by providing redundancy and a fail-safe mechanism for rolling functions over to other servers in the event of a server failure. 

JMX MBean monitoring

BMC PATROL for Oracle WebLogic provides tools that let you monitor MBeans used in a JMX-managed Oracle WebLogic Server. You can select which MBeans you want to monitor and you can define attributes that: 

  • Determine which MBeans are monitored.
  • Can take automatic actions based on your monitoring criteria.


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