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PATROL for Exchange Servers 2003 monitors the front-end servers in your environment. A front-end server accepts requests and forwards them to back-end servers for processing. A front-end server typically only processes requests for protocol servers such as Outlook Web Access Server, POP3, and IMAP. 

When you install PATROL for Exchange Servers on a front-end server, certain application classes and parameters are deactivated because monitoring these features on a front-end server is unnecessary. 

The following application classes are not monitored on a front-end server:

  • MSEXCH_RoundTrip_Client
  • MSEXCH_RoundTrip_Container
  • MSEXCH_RoundTrip_InetServer
  • MSEXCH_RoundTrip_Server
  • MSEXCH_Top_Consumers
  • MSEXCH_Top_Folders
  • MSEXCH_Top_Mailboxes
  • MSEXCH_Top_Receivers
  • MSEXCH_Top_Senders
  • MSEXCH_Watched_Users

If you selected the Manage Microsoft Exchange Mail Servers option during installation, these application classes and the parameters they monitor will not be monitored.

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