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PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers monitors the performance of subsystems in your environment. The Exchange subsystems include

  • Address lists
  • Active Directory
  • ExIPC queueing layer
  • Name Service Provider Interfaces ( NSPIs)
  • Store drivers
  • Database kernel
  • Information Stores
  • Internet protocol servers

Within these subsystems, PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers monitors

  • Paging activity in the database kernel
  • Replications and synchronizations pending in the Active Directory
  • Number of users connected to the Information Store, both at a particular moment and within the last ten minutes
  • Average time spent in an event handler hooked into any of the event sinks provided by the Exchange server
  • Length of all interprocess communication queues between the Store process and the IIS process
  • Message submission rate to the Store Driver and read and write blocks by the Store Driver
  • Lengths of the queues maintained by the Recipient Update Service
  • Number of bytes transmitted between the Active Directory and Outlook clients
  • Number of Outlook clients requesting directory assistance
  • Number of authentication and connection failures and throughput to the various Internet protocol servers ( NNTP, SMTP, IMAP4, and POP3)
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