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The major components of the RoundTrip client session monitor are

  • Session, Send and Timer component (SST): This component contains session information for all the RoundTrip sessions that are currently active; three sets of timers for the send interval, alarm interval, and warn interval; and a module to send email messages to the target server
  • Event Sink Component (ES): This component registers with the Microsoft Message Notification system and gets notified whenever an email message has arrived at a particular mailbox on the server
  • PATROL Agent Communication /Data Multiplexer-Demultiplexer component (PAC): This component handles communication between the SST and ES components and the PATROL Agent and also multiplexing and demultiplexing of various data streams

 RoundTrip client session architecture 


The interaction between the various components is shown in the following figure for an active RoundTrip client session between the source Exchange server and the target Exchange client:

  1. A RoundTrip client session is initiated from the Exchange server. A component (3) deploys the monitor to the client machine.
  2. The Send Interval timer for the active session expires and a component (4) on the source client machine sends an email message to the target Exchange server.
  3. A component (2) on the target Exchange server receives notification of the email message arrival from the source client machine.
  4. Component (2) on the target Exchange server responds to the message from the source client machine by sending a reply.
  5. Component (5) on the source client machine receives notification of the reply email message arrival from the target Exchange server. After it parses the reply message, it calculates the RoundTrip response time. Also, end-user statistics such as logon time, logoff time, time to create a message, time to delete a message, and time to send a message are obtained. If a reply message does not arrive at the source client machine within the Alarm or Warn interval, the corresponding Warn or Alarm timers in component (4) time out.
  6. Component (6) on the source client machine sends the PATROL Agent (on the target Exchange server) the end-user statistics and calculated RoundTrip times if they were obtained, or sends an Alarm or Warn notification if the response from the target server was not obtained within the Alarm or Warn intervals.


    All the components listed are contained in the processes MSEXCHE2E.exe and MSEXCHRoundtrip.exe on the source client and target server machines. On the client machine, the process MSEXCHE2E.exe starts up as a Windows service.

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