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Use this dialog box to monitor the round trip mail response time between the Exchange Server and a selected Exchange client.

Procedures related to this dialog box

The procedures related to this dialog box are as follows:

  • Creating and monitoring Exchange Roundtrip client session
  • Deleting a Roundtrip session
  • Displaying Roundtrip session properties

For information, see Monitoring RoundTrip response time.

Items on this dialog box



Computer Name

Enter the host name of the Exchange client.
The client must meet these requirements:

  • Is running a supported operating system
  • Is an Exchange client that can log on to the Exchange Server
  • Has one of the following MAPI (Messaging API) enabled software applications installed:

    Microsoft Outlook (Version 97, 98, or 2000)
    Exchange Client 5.0 or later (installed with Windows Messaging)

    You cannot monitor Windows 95 or Windows 98 Exchange clients at this time.
    Use Roundtrip client monitoring for local mail delivery only. To monitor remote mail delivery, create a Roundtrip server session.

User Name

Enter the user name of an account that is a member of the local administrator group on the client machine.


Enter the account password.


Click to verify that the account you entered has the proper credentials.


Click to close the dialog box, install the Roundtrip program on the client machine, and create the Roundtrip client application class instance.



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