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Use this dialog box to select how many messages to use when calculating the parameter Average Round Trip Message Time (LastNMsgTime) that is associated with a Roundtrip session. The default value of N is 10.

Items on this dialog box



Number of messages (N)

Use the slider to set the number of messages to use when calculating the average response-time for the Roundtrip session.

For example, when N is 10, the previous 10 response-time values are averaged to calculate LastNMsgTime.

Report Status Warnings After Alarm As:

Select whether to report additional alarms as either warnings or alarms.

Response Time Variance (in seconds)

Use the slider to set the amount of time to wait for responses before reporting an alarm.


Click to apply your changes.


Click to close the dialog box without saving your changes.

Procedures related to this dialog box

The procedures related to Configure Response Time Default Settings dialog box are as follows:

  • Creating and monitoring Exchange Roundtrip client session
  • Changing a Roundtrip session

For information, see Monitoring RoundTrip response time

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