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Use this dialog box to schedule a period when PATROL temporarily suspends data collection.

Items on this dialog box



Add a Blackout Period

Select this option to add a blackout period with the specified settings.


Select one or more days on which you want to suspend data collection.

Start Time

Use the slider to set the time of the day (hours, minutes, and seconds) that you want the blackout period to start.


Use the slider to set the length of the blackout period and choose Minutes, Hours, or Days from the list.

Blackout period(s) to delete

Select this option to delete a blackout session and then select a blackout session from the list.


Click to apply your changes.


Click to close the dialog box without saving your changes.

 Procedures related to this dialog box

The procedures related to Blackout dialog box are as follows:

  • Scheduling a blackout period
  • Pausing PATROL for Exchange Servers


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