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    January 31, 20146.0.00 enhancements

    BMC PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers 6.0.00 enables you to:

    • Monitor all the expected list of Performance object instances selected in the Performance data selection.
    • Monitor all Exchange Server processes using the performance object named Process.
    • Monitor the Mailbox Server Database Copy status.
    • Use the same exchange account for different Exchange Servers for Roundtrip internet session monitoring.
    • Calculate the delta value for the DelayDSNs and FailureDSNs parameters.
    • Monitor the IIS Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync Authentication
    • Monitor Microsoft Edge server in a DMZ environment.


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    1. Hello,

      What Exchange-Versions are supported and where can I find it in the documentation?



      1. Hello Ferry,

        PATROL for Exchange Servers supports the Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 Server product. You can find more information on this at