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If you plan to install PATROL for Exchange Servers on a PATROL Console for UNIX, you must install the supported version of the Help browser separately if it is not already installed.

Browser version required for viewing PATROL Console for UNIX Help

The appropriate one of the following browsers is required to view PATROL Help in PATROL version 3. x:

  • UNIX: Netscape Navigator version 3.01 through 4.78
  • Red Hat Linux ® Netscape Navigator version 4. x

PATROL Help does not support Netscape Navigator 6.0.

Installation requirement

You must install Netscape Navigator on the computer where the PATROL Console resides. You can install Netscape anywhere on your UNIX computer as long as the binary is in the path.

Download location

Netscape Navigator is supplied by Netscape Communications Corp. You can locate the browser at .

Additional considerations for using online Help for UNIX

When you select Help from the PATROL Console for UNIX, it might take a few seconds for the Help browser to launch. Two windows will be displayed. First, the Netscape Navigator window is displayed as an icon, and then a browser window that contains the Help is displayed.

In addition, you must be aware of the following restrictions:

  • Netscape Navigator displays warning messages when it is invoked multiple times within the same user account because of its file-locking mechanism. It will, however, continue functioning.
  • By default, when Netscape Navigator starts, it uses a private color map. As a result, you might experience color flashing on your workstation. If so, you can set the value of PATROL_BROWSER so that the colormap option is not specified. However, some subsequent color requests might fail and the online Help will be improperly displayed.
  • The Exceed for Windows NT X Window Server product by Hummingbird Communication Ltd. might not always display the Help files properly.

Consult your Netscape Navigator documentation for specific platform requirements and restrictions.

Required environment variables settings for the browser

The LANG, PATH, and PATROL_BROWSER environment variables must be set for the Help browser to run properly. The following sections describe these variables.

LANG variable

The UNIX LANG environment variable must be set to C so that Netscape Navigator will work properly. Otherwise, you might experience product failures.

Type of shell

Export command for LANG variable

Bo urne

LANG=C export LANG


export LANG=C


setenv LANG=C

PATH variable

The PATROL user account PATH variable must contain the location of the directory containing the Netscape files. If the directory containing the Netscape files is not in the path, add the directory to the PATROL user account path.

This requirement applies only to the PATROL user account on the PATROL Console computer.

Type of shell

Export command for PATH variable


PATH=$PATH: /netscape_location export PATH


export PATH=$PATH: /netscape_location


setenv PATH=$PATH: /netscape_location


When PATROL starts the Help browser, it uses the command in the PATROL_BROWSER environment variable. As a default, the PATROL_BROWSER environment variable contains the following command:

Type of shell

Export command for PATROL_BROWSER variable


PATROL_BROWSER=netscape -display $DISPLAY -install -iconic export LANG


export PATROL_BROWSER=netscape -display $DISPLAY -install -iconic


setenv PATROL_BROWSER=netscape -display $DISPLAY -install -iconic

To use different arguments, set the value of PATROL_BROWSER to the appropriate string.


For a Korn shell: export PATROL_BROWSER=/usr/local/bin/netscape -raise

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