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A policy specifies a set of actions to be taken when a specific condition on the BMC PATROL Agent is fulfilled. A policy enables you to perform the following actions:
  • Apply specific configuration to one or more BMC PATROL Agents
  • Configure thresholds and set baselines on BMC ProactiveNet Child Servers
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Each policy is assigned a BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration tag and each BMC PATROL Agent can have one or more tags assigned to it. When you assign a tag to a BMC PATROL Agent, the associated policy is applied to the PATROL Agent. You can assign the tag value of a policy to a PATROL Agent in the following ways:

  • As part of the component installation process, you can add a PATROL Agent and set the tag as part of the configuration process that you perform from Central Monitoring Administration. For details, see Managing downloads in Central Monitoring Administration Open link .
  • If the PATROL Agent has already been installed, use PATROL Configuration Manager to set the following ruleset that provides the tags:

    For example, if the tag that has to be applied is oracleTag, the ruleset is as follows
    /AgentSetup/Identification/Tags/TAG/oracleTag= “ORACLE MONITORING”

    Enter one or more comma separated Central Monitoring Administration tags in the format TagName:Description. If the description contains a space, enter the description in double quotation marks (").

    For example, TagName1:”UNIX Policy”, TagName2:Linux


In BMC ProactiveNet version 9.0, the tag description is ignored, and only the tag name is used to evaluate the policy.

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