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The following procedure explains how to use the PATROL Configuration Manager menu commands to configure Collection Agents.

To configure using PATROL Configuration Manager menu commands

  1. In PATROL Configuration Manager, right-click the agentHostName where your PATROL Agent resides.
  2. Select Configuration > Get.
    The account status is displayed in the Job Status Information dialog box. When PATROL Configuration Manager completes the transfer of the configuration variables from the selected host, the line that represents the host becomes green and OK is displayed in the Status field for the host.
    The Configuration > Get command copies the pconfig variables from the Agent, converts them into rules, and passes them into PATROL Configuration Manager in the following folder:


    The following figure shows an example of the Configuration > Get menu command in the left panel of PATROL Configuration Manager and an example of the rules that are displayed in the right panel after the Configuration > Get command finishes importing the configuration variables from the Agent. Each rule in PATROL Configuration Manager contains a configuration variable. A RuleSet is the entire set of rules for an Agent.
  3. To configure BMC PATROL for IT Data Analytics, right-click the directory with the most recent timestamp and then use one of the available options to add a new rule, to modify a rule, or to delete a rule. Within your rule, specify Agent configuration variables and values for the variables. Choose the relevant variables from the list of variables described in PATROL Agent configuration variables.
  4. Drag the new RuleSet onto the agentHostName in the left pane.
  5. Click the Apply Configuration icon in the PATROL Configuration Manager menu bar. For more information about adding a variable or RuleSet by using PATROL Configuration Manager, see the PATROL Configuration Manager User Guide at PDFs.


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