This space contains information about version 1.0 of the BMC PATROL for IT Data Analytics product. To obtain and use this product requires that you purchase the BMC TrueSight Operations Management license

This product supports one of the data collection mechanisms (Agent types) used by the BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics (or IT Data Analytics) product.

You can use this product to configure Collection Agents on the target hosts (where data resides) from where data needs to be collected by IT Data Analytics. Collection Agents act as an Agent to collect data from the target host and send it to IT Data Analytics. The KM also provides you with some application classes and parameters to check the collection status and performance of the Collection Agents.


BMC Software announces the release of version 1.0.00 of the BMC PATROL KM for IT Data Analytics.

For a summary of all announcements, see Release notes and notices.

Depending on your environment, you can use both the BMC PATROL and BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management for configuring Collection Agents.

GoalLink (outside this space)
For more information about the data collection mechanismsData collection mechanisms
For more information about the BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics productBMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics 1.0

Where to start

Use the following table to determine your first steps depending on the tasks that you want to perform:

Understand the key concepts related to this productKey concepts
Begin planning with the product deploymentPlanning

Download and install the product in any of the following environments:

  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
Configure Collection Agents to collect data and forward it to IT Data Analytics in any of the following environments:
  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
Configuring after installation

Understand how to use key features of the product


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