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As you type in the search box, you can see a list of type-ahead suggestions that might be similar to the search query that you are typing.

These suggestions include a list of the following items:

  • Saved searches: Top five most frequently run saved searches.
  • History: Top five most recently run regular searches.

You can select a suggestion to perform a search with the suggested string as your search query.

Note that the search suggestions only list the top five saved searches. If there are more than five saved searches that might be relevant to your search term, you can see them by clicking Show All at the top-right side of the suggestions list. When you do this, you are redirected to the Saved Searches tab and a list of saved searches containing the search term (fully or partially) are displayed. The list of saved searches is filtered based on the saved search name or search string. If you do not type a search term and click Show All at the top-right side of the suggestions list, the complete list of saved searches is displayed.

The following table provides important information regarding type-ahead search suggestions:

QWhat are the advantages of type-ahead search suggestions?

Type-ahead search suggestions provide the following advantages:

  • Saves time: Helps find search results faster and without typing the entire search string.
  • Repeat an already performed search: Helps you choose from a list of searches (including saved searches) that you must have already run.
QCan I turn off the type-ahead search suggestions?
ANo. Type-ahead search suggestions are built into the product to help you search quickly and easily. You can choose not to use these suggestions.
QHow are type-ahead search suggestions displayed?

Type-ahead search suggestions are automatically generated based on the most frequently run saved searches and most recently run regular searches (history).

QWhy don't I see type-ahead search suggestions?

If you are using a freshly installed product, type-ahead search suggestions (history) will not appear immediately.

However, you can see the following saved searches associated with the dashlets available on the default dashboard page:

  • ITDA collection polls with no data

  • ITDA data collected over time

  • ITDA top 5 data collectors by volume

  • ITDA top 5 data collectors with no data polled