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The Notifications tab allows you to create notifications to monitor a variety of alerting scenarios based on saved searches (saved search queries). You can have saved searches run automatically on regular schedules so that they send alert messages to the specified destination, when their results meet certain conditions. You can configure a variety of conditions to continuously monitor logs by getting real-time events (along with a report) delivered to your email address or to send events to the notification destinations selected.

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Notification creation process overview

While creating a notification, you need to provide information regarding when, how, and where the notification must be sent.

This information can be categorized into the following inputs:

Notification naming detailsBasic information by which you can identify and manage the notification.
Notification type

Determines the type of notification that you want to create – an alert or a report.

The notification type also determines the notification destination options and the number of conditions that you can configure.

Scheduling detailsDetermines the frequency for triggering a notification.
Notification destination(s)

Based on the notification type, the notification destination determines where the notification must be sent.

You can select multiple options available while configuring an alert.

Viewing and searching configured notifications

The Notifications tab allows you to manage the notifications that you configured. To access this tab, navigate to Administration > Notifications. From here, you can perform the following actions:

Execute NotificationExecute the selected notification immediately.
Add Notification 

Add a new notification.

For detailed instructions on adding a notification, see Creating notifications.

Edit Notification

Edit the selected notification.

The details for editing a notification are the same as those available while 

Delete NotificationDelete the selected notification.
View Notification Alerts

View the last 25 alerts executed for the selected notification.

The Notifications tab provides the following information:




Name of the notification configured.

TypeThe type of notification, either an alert or report.

Next Run

The date and time when the next run is scheduled for execution.

The destination (external configuration) where the notification is scheduled to be sent.


Indicates if the notification is active or not.

Click Activate to activate the notification.

Click Inactivate to inactivate the notification.