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You can integrate with BMC ProactiveNet remote cells and BMC Infrastructure Management remote cells to collect event data into BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics and analyze it.

The steps required for integrating with Infrastructure Management cells are the same as those required for integrating with the ProactiveNet cells.

To see the features (or capabilities) supported with this integration, see the compatibility matrix at Integrating.

This topic contains the following information:

Key steps to an effective integration

The high-level steps involved in performing this integration and enabling the functions available with the integration are described in the following table:

ActionHigh-level stepsAdditional information
Get events1

Configure a BMC ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management) cell.

Configuring a BMC ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management) cell
2Create a data collector.Monitor using external configuration
3Perform a search to analyze the events retrieved.Search tips
Send events1

 Configure a BMC ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management) cell.

Configuring a BMC ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management) cell
2Create a saved search.Managing saved searches
3Create a notification to log an event in BMC ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management).Creating notifications

Before you begin

If you want to integrate with the Infrastructure Management cells, you need to ensure that Infrastructure Management is already registered with BMC TrueSight Presentation Server.

To configure a ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management) cell

  1. Navigate to Administration > External Configurations.
  2. From the list at the top-left of your screen, select BPPM Cell Configuration.
  3. Provide the following details:

    External Configuration NameProvide a name to identify this external configuration.
    Cell Name

    Provide the name of the cell defined in BMC ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management), with which you want to connect and collect event data.

    For example, in BMC ProactiveNet, the cell name can be pncell_hostName.

    Cell Host

    Provide the host name of the server on which the cell is located.

    Note: If you provide a fully-qualified domain name or host name, ensure that it resolves to the same IP as that of the computer that hosts BMC ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management).

    Cell PortProvide the port number of the server on which the cell is located.
    Cell Encryption Key

    Provide the cell's encryption key.

    Tip: You can find the preceding details such as the cell name, its encryption key, host name, and port number in the mcell.dir file.

    To access the mcell.dir file, navigate to the computer on which your cell exists, by using one of the following paths:

    • Windows: %MCELL_HOME%\etc\
    • Linux: $MCELL_HOME/etc/
    Enable HA(Optional) If you are operating in a High Availability environment, select this check box, and then provide the host name and port number of the server on which the secondary cell is located.
  4. Click Save.

Where to go from here

Create data collectors to start collection of event data from the BMC ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management) cell that you configured. For instructions on creating a data collector, see Monitor using external configuration data collector.

Add notifications on the event data collected and subsequently log events into BMC ProactiveNet (or Infrastructure Management). For more information, see Creating notifications.