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IT Data Analytics uses role-based access control (RBAC) to restrict access to objects–data collectors, data patterns, external configurations, notifications, and so on.

This mechanism provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures that only authorized users are able to access the IT Data Analytics server.
  • Provides you the capability of controlling the level of access allowed to each user based on their roles.
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You can also restrict access to the data collected by IT Data Analytics. This can be done by assigning user groups while creating data collectors.

User groups form the basis of enabling both role-based (or feature-level access) as well as data-level access. Therefore, to enable any kind of access to users, they must form a part of the correct user group.

You can either use IT Data Analytics or BMC Atrium Single-Sign On to manage user authorization. For more information, see Managing user authentication.

To understand use cases for using Atrium Single-Sign On, see User authentication options.

To configure access control, you must complete the following steps:

By using IT Data Analytics
1Create users.Managing users in IT Data Analytics
2Create user groups and assign users to the user groups.Managing user groups in IT Data Analytics
3Assign user groups to roles.Managing roles
By using BMC Atrium Single-Sign On
1Create users and user groups in Atrium Single-Sign On. BMC Atrium SSO 9.0 online documentation Open link
2Assign user groups to roles.Managing roles

Note: Default users and user groups are automatically created in both IT Data Analytics and Atrium Single-Sign On after the product installation.

For more information, see Managing user authentication.

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