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BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics can integrate with the following BMC products (or components):

  • BMC ProactiveNet (including remote cells)
  • BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management (including remote cells)
  • BMC TrueSight Presentation Server


An integration with BMC TrueSight Presentation Server is an integration with the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management component that is registered with BMC TrueSight Presentation Server.

Related topics

This topic contains the following information that helps you understand the integration process and the capabilities available with the integrations.

Overall use case

At a high-level, the supported integrations help you collect events from the integrated products, and then analyze those events to detect root-cause of a problem or discover important insights, monitor those events, and then log events back on the integrated product for any problem detected. You can collect all kinds of event data such as incident events, change events, and so on. You can also collect alarms generated by BMC ProactiveNet.

While analyzing a problem (or event) on the integrated product, if you decide to further study the problem, then you can directly cross-launch from the integrated product into IT Data Analytics. This capability allows you to use the context from the integrated product to perform an in-depth analysis in IT Data Analytics.

For more information, see Use cases.

Compatibility matrix

The following table lists the features available with the supported products integrations.

For more information about the features, see Integration features.


With version 2.1.00, to be able to integrate with BMC TrueSight Presentation Server, you need to configure BMC Atrium Single Sign-On for user-authentication.

For more information, see Deploying IT Data Analytics with BMC Atrium Single Sign-On.

External configurationVersionIntegration features
Send notificationsCross-launchCreate dashletsGet eventsView metrics data
Send eventsFetch application
BMC TrueSight Operations Management

BMC TrueSight Presentation Server1

10.1.00(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick) (tick) (error)

BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management2


(tick)(error)(tick) (error)(tick) (tick) 

BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management remote cells3


BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
BMC ProactiveNet9.6.00(tick)(error)(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
BMC ProactiveNet remote cells9.6.00(tick)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(error)

1 Unlike other integrations, an integration with the TrueSight Presentation Server needs to be performed via the TrueSight console.

2 and 3 An integration with TrueSight Infrastructure Management requires that TrueSight Infrastructure Management is already registered with TrueSight Presentation Server.

Integration features

The supported integrations provide various features. However, these features are only available with particular versions of the integrated products. For more information, see the Compatibility matrix.

These features are listed as follows.

  • Cross-launch: Cross-launch from the integrated products into IT Data Analytics.
  • Create dashlets: Create IT Data Analytics dashlets on the integrated product.
    This is only applicable for TrueSight Presentation Server 10.1.00.
  • Send events: Send (or log events) in the supported product by creating notifications.
    You can create notifications to perform the following actions:
    • Monitor particular events that you are analyzing in IT Data Analytics.
    • Log events into the integrated product from IT Data Analytics.
    • Associate events logged on the integrated product with an application on the integrated product.
  • Get events: Collect events from the supported product into IT Data Analytics by creating the Monitor using external configuration data collector.
    Additionally, perform an in-depth analysis on the events by searching data and by running advanced search commands.
  • View metrics data: This data is obtained from the supported product into IT Data Analytics (displayed as the metrics chart in the timeline chart area).

Integration process

You can integrate with the supported products in the following ways:

Integrate with...By registering...
BMC TrueSight Operations Management

BMC TrueSight Presentation Server 10.1.00

(Indicates  an integration of the TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0.500 component that is registered with TrueSight Presentation Server 10.1.00)

Details of the IT Data Analytics server on the TrueSight console.

BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0.00 (including remote cells)

(Requires TrueSight Infrastructure Management already registered with TrueSight Presentation Server 10.0.00)

Details of the Infrastructure Management server on IT Data Analytics (by creating an external configuration).

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
BMC ProactiveNet 9.6 (including remote cells)Details of the BMC ProactiveNet server on IT Data Analytics (by creating an external configuration).

Suppose in your environment, you were already using IT Data Analytics 2.0 in conjunction with TrueSight Presentation Server 10.0.00. Now, if you upgrade to version 2.1.00 of the product, but continue to use version 10.0.00 of TrueSight Presentation Server, then you can still get and send events from and to the TrueSight Infrastructure Managment server, which is registered with TrueSight Presentation Server.

However, you cannot use the new integration features such as the ability to create dashlets on TrueSight Presentation Server, cross-launch from the TrueSight console to IT Data Analytics without the need for authentication, and the ability to search an application from the TrueSight console while creating a notification. These features are available with version 10.1.00 of TrueSight Presentation Server. Also, after completing the upgrade, if any new TrueSight Infrastructure Management servers are registered with TrueSight Presentation Server, then details of these new servers are not automatically registered with IT Data Analytics. To be able to integrate, you need to create an external configuration for integrating with TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0.00.

Use the following topics to understand the integration process and the various actions that you can perform by performing the integration.

Administering external configurations

For integrating with a supported BMC product (or external system), you need to first create an external configuration by navigating to Administration > External Configurations. Doing this is necessary to register details of the supported product with IT Data Analytics so that IT Data Analytics can easily communicate with the external system.

For some integrations, creating an external configuration is not applicable. In these scenarios, you need to register details of the IT Data Analytics server on the supported product. After the integration completes successfully, details of the integrated product is displayed on the External Configurations tab.

For more information about the inputs needed for creating an external configuration, see Integration process.

On the External Configurations tab, you can view the following details about the external configurations:

NameThe name with which you have configured the external configuration.
HostThe host name of the server (external system) with which you want to connect.
External ConfigurationThe kind of external configuration; for example, BMC TrueSight Presentation Server.
TypeThe function for the external configuration; for example, Notification & Collection.