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The following functions are available while creating different types of data collectors.

  • Specify a rollover pattern for collecting rolling logs.
  • Read data from subdirectories of a parent directory.
  • Create a host containing details about the target and the collection host, and reuse this information while creating a data collector. For more information about creating hosts, see Managing hosts.
  • Create a credential profile containing credentials to connect with the server where the data is located. You can reuse this credential profile while creating a data collectors for the Windows operating system. For more information about creating credential profiles, see Managing credentials.
  • Specify group access permissions so that particular user groups can access and search the data coming from particular data sources.
  • Add tags that can later be used for effectively searching the data from particular data sources.
  • Filter the relevant data patterns (by using the Auto-Detect feature) to automatically detect the matching data patterns and preview sample records.