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To help you manage and maintain the BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics product, this topic provides information about the following administration tasks:

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Managing componentsAfter installing the product, ensure that all product components are up and running.
Managing data collectorsUnderstand various aspects about data collection and learn how to create new data collectors depending on the type of data you want to collect and index.
Managing data patternsUnderstand various aspects about data patterns and learn how to create new patterns for indexing data.
Managing users and access controlManage user authorization into the product based on roles and user authentication options.
Managing notifications

Create notifications to alert problems or abnormalities in the following ways:

  • Send email notifications that provide a summary of your search results (with or without attached reports).
  • Log events into integrated external systems such as BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management and BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

Managing collection profilesCreate a collection profile and specify data collector templates that can in turn be used to automate the data collection process.
Managing hosts

Create host profiles for capturing host credentials for subsequent use at the time of data collection.

Specify information about host level tags to be inherited from integrated external systems.

Managing credentialsCreate credential profiles to capture system credentials for subsequent use at the time of data collection to avoid manual work.
Managing content packs
  • Export content packs containing a collection of saved searches, data patterns, and collection profiles that can be used for further collection and analysis of data.
  • Import content packs shared or handed over by other users for further troubleshooting of problems.
Modifying the configuration filesLearn how to customize default settings and property definitions by modifying the configuration files
Managing system settingsManage various system level settings such as enabling data access control, maximum data retention period, and creation of tags.
Starting or stopping product servicesLearn how to start and stop services for Windows and Linux operating systems.
Using the command line interface

Use CLI commands to perform various actions, such as:

  • Importing and exporting collectors
  • Starting and stopping data collection
  • Creating entities
  • Getting details about an entity
  • Listing entities
  • Shutting down the Indexer
Setting up Collection AgentsConfigure Collection Agents to collect data by using BMC PATROL for IT Data Analytics Open link .
Replacing the primary nodeReplace the primary node (master Indexer) in an environment where multiple Indexers are deployed.
Backing up and restoring dataBackup and restore data that was indexed, data stored in the Configuration Database, and data stored in the configuration files.


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