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The User Groups tab allows you to add, modify, and delete user groups that can access BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics. You can create a group containing multiple users.

User groups are useful when you want to provide access to application data only to specific user roles or users with certain attributes. You can group users with similar attributes by adding them to a common user group, and then use that group for assigning access permissions to particular application data or data emerging from particular data sources.

Access control can be provided to event data at the time of creating data collectors, depending on:

  • Existing user role: These permissions determine tab-level access to the product. For more information, see User roles and permissions.
  • Events particular to certain application log files: These permissions determine content-level access to the product.
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The user-role permissions and data-level access permissions together determine the actions that a user can perform related to viewing, creating, modifying, or deleting data.

For the data-level access permissions to be applied:

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Viewing and searching user groups

The User Groups tab allows you to mange user groups. To access this tab navigate to Administration > User Groups. From here, you can perform the following actions:

Add User Group  

Add a new user group.

For more information, see Adding user groups.

Edit User Group 

Edit the selected user group.

You can modify the same details that you provided while adding a user group.

Delete User Group Delete the selected user group.

The User Groups tab provides the following information:




Name of the user group.

Existing Users

List of users that are a part of that user group.

Adding user groups

To add a user group, on the Administration > User Groups tab, click Add User Group, provide the following information, and click Create.



Group Name

An appropriate name to identify the user group.

Existing Users

List of existing users that can be added to the user group.

Add users to the user group by selecting them and clicking Add .

Selected Users

List of selected users to form a part of the user group.

Change your selection by selecting irrelevant users and clicking Remove .