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Following are the known and corrected issues in this release of BMC PATROL for Event Management and its service packs and patches.

DescriptionDefect IDAffected versionsCorrected in

Availability target IP Address was appended to the notify event description when the availability target was down.

Wildcard characters did not work for the the msgBody and msgText rules, when they were configured for multiple types of events.QM0019745132.9.00.02,,

If wildcards were used for threshold rules in multiple application classes, after processing the rules of the first application class, the following message was displayed in the PATROL Agent error log file:

PatrolAgent-E-EINTERNAL: No command type for  parameter <parameter_name> -- parameter suspended

When the alarmResend option is used, source event information is missing in NOTIFY_EVENT.QM0017348652.
The poll time settings were set to the default values on restarting the PATROL Agent.QM0018183782.,

HostPingFailure did not send any alert message, when the server was stopped. The following output of the ping command was displayed:

Reply from <Host Name>: Destination host unreachable

A warning message is logged in the PATROL Agent error log file when only the arsAction rule is specified. For example, arsAction = 2QM0018517442.
The paramSettingsStatusFlag configuration variable is getting set to 6 even when there is no difference in the active KM list.QM0018611322.
When multiple parameters change to the ALARM status at the same time, the recovery action worked for only one instance.QM0018635902.
The new standard catalog missed the IS_CONNECT and IS_DISCONNECT events that were related to self-monitoring.QM0018635922.