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This topic describes the key features in version 1.0.00 of the BMC PATROL for Docker Knowledge Module (KM). This KM provides the ability to monitor your Docker hosts and Docker containers. This KM monitors 1.7.00 and later versions of Docker.

Discover containers in the configured Docker host

After you configure a Docker host, BMC PATROL for Docker automatically discovers the available Docker containers. The configuration parameters of the Docker host provide information about the Docker versions, the number of containers present in the host, the number of Images present in the host and other details. For more information, see Docker Host application class.

To configure a Docker host, see:

Monitor the Docker containers

The KM monitors the discovered containers and reports information about the State of all the containers and the total number of times the container has been restarted. The configuration parameters of Docker container provide information such as memory limit, CPU shares, image name and other details. For more information, see Docker Container application class.

Monitor performance of the Docker containers

Using the KM you can monitor performance data of the Docker containers. The KM collects and reports the CPU and memory usage statistics of the Docker containers. It also monitors the network I/O activities and reports the number of bytes and errors received and sent over the network. For more information, see Docker Container Network application class.

Support for IPv6

The KM supports Docker daemon on pure IPv6 machines.

Create filters for monitoring

You can create filters to include or exclude Docker containers from monitoring.

Configure the KM using the BMC Central Monitoring Administration console

Version 1.0.00 of BMC PATROL for Docker and version 9.6.00 of BMC PATROL Agent allows you to configure your Docker environment by using the BMC Central Monitoring Administration console. This configuration controls the transfer of monitoring data from BMC PATROL for Docker to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management. For more information, see Configuring the KM using Central Monitoring Administration Console.