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This Knowledge Module is created to be used in the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management environment. While you can use it in the PATROL environment, this compatibility is provided to support your current infrastructure till you migrate to BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management.

The online documentation only covers the use of this Knowledge Module in the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management environment.


This space contains information about the PATROL for Converged Infrastructure 1.2.00 release. 

BMC PATROL for Converged Infrastructure enables you to discover and monitor UCS manager, Chassis, Blade servers, Rack mounted servers, Fans and power supplies for chassis, CPU and memory temperatures, HBAs for blades, NICs for blades, Fabric Interconnects, Virtual LANs, Virtual SANs, ESX servers, and Virtual machines.

PATROL for Converged Infrastructure KM provides in-context topology for key relationships of the VBlock as well as monitors the compute layer. The topology displays the following:

  • under the Cisco UCS Manager are displayed the Chassis, Fabric Interconnects, virtual LAN and virtual SAN
  • under the Chassis are displayed the blade server, with installed ESX server
  • under each blade are displayed the memory, processors, Network Interface Cards (NICs) and Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs)
  • under each Fabric Interconnect are displayed the switches, fabric ports, fabric channel Uplink ports

What's new

Service Pack, October 01, 2014

1.2.10: Service Pack 1

For a summary of all announcements, see Release notes and notices.

Where to start

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View the latest release informationRelease notes and notices
Learn about the key concepts, features, and componentsKey concepts
Plan BMC PATROL for Converged Infrastructure deploymentPlanning
Install BMC PATROL for Converged InfrastructureInstalling
Configure BMC PATROL for Converged InfrastructureConfiguring after installation
Use BMC PATROL for Converged InfrastructureUsing
Troubleshoot issues in BMC PATROL for Converged InfrastructureTroubleshooting
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