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BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting provides features to help you achieve your goals. The following table provides an outline of the features available to each user.


Goals and features

Product Administrator
Event/Impact Management Administrator
  • Perform administrative functions on servers and Monitoring tools 
  • Research escalated incidents to determine root cause and ensure resolution 
  • Determine based on service impact which events should be addressed and prioritize these events accordingly
Network Operations User
  • Monitor and measure performance characteristics of systems (For example, disk usage, CPU usage) 
  • Customize the reports, change the formats, drill down through the information presented on the reports, and further analyze information as required.
  • Use the pre-configured reports to monitor and analyze your event, impact and performance data.
  • Generate cross functional reports joining Event, Impact and Performance data.
Application Support Analyst

Analyze an application health and user experience across different locations.