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This section provides information about upgrading the BMC ProactiveNet Report Engine version 9.5.02, 9.6 and BMC TrueSight Report Engine version 9.6 to the BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine version 10.0.00.

The procedures provided herein ensure the safe and successful transfer of configuration settings and customizations from the earlier version to the new version.

When you upgrade to BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine version 10.0.00, you have an option to import the latest BMC TrueSight Operations Management universe and reports into the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise automatically. It eliminates the manual process of importing the universe into SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise using the Import Wizard. BMC recommends that you import the universe when you upgrade to BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine version 10.0.00.

If you have upgraded the Report Engine from any previous version (9.5.02 or 9.6) to TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine 10.0.00, you can install the Report Engine version 10.0.00 on another host with the same database user. For installing the second BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine, see Step 4: Installing BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine.

Before upgrading, you must first back up your existing universe and other folders. After upgrading the Report Engine, you must configure the reporting database and SAP BusinessObjects as describe in Configuring BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine database connection with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.