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This section provides a high-level overview of BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting product, components, architecture, and key concepts.



Components overview

High-level conceptual knowledge about the solution architecture and core components.
Universe objectsThe universe includes data such as devices, instances, groups, and component name that allow you to create event, impact, and performance related reports using the SAP BusinessObjects application.
Event reportsReports that display information about event management data. They include event details as well as summarized information of events by various parameters such as device, priority, severity. They also include event response time and top N reports.
Impact reportsReports that display information about service impact management data including component metrics, status, and top N reports.
Performance reportsReports that display information about performance monitoring data. They include weekly summarized data for the attribute sets such as Total CPU Utilization, Real Memory Used, and Free Disk Space.
Event to Incident Correlation reportsReports that display information about event to incident correlation data. These reports display data for Escalated Incident, Event To Incident, and Scorecard Summary.
Synthetic reportsReports that display information about synthetic data including Execution Plan Health and Location Comparative reports.
Accounting for Daylight Saving TimeDescription and examples for the reporting function compensating for changes in the length of a day due to the start or the expiry of Daylight Saving Time (DST).
GlossaryLists the common terminologies used.