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BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting is an advanced reporting platform. It uses the SAP® BusinessObjects Enterprise product as the host for BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server to administer and publish reports. It also uses Oracle® or SQL Server Databases as the application database. BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting contains templates for impact reports, event reports and performance reports. It also allows you to create ad hoc reports from the available Business Objects universe.

  • Event report templates — display operator response time to an event, event counts, top event sources, and other event details.
  • Impact report templates — display data based on a service's availability, failures, repairs and incidents, and the time related to each.
  • Performance report templates – display performance data and configuration data such as for devices, monitor metadata, and statistics data collected.
  • Event to incident correlation report templates – display escalated incident, event to incident, and scorecard summary data.
  • Synthetic reports - display execution plan health and location comparison based on the data from BMC TrueSight App Visibility Server.

BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting enables you to create ad hoc reports and offers more flexibility as compared to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Application Server's out of the box reporting capabilities.

The BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine is compatible with BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 9.6 and 10.0 and their service packs and updates. For information about BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management, see the online technical documentation for BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0.  

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