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The pw dump commands archive various configuration settings based on the dump level you enter with the command.

By default, the compressed archive files are created in the following location:

  • (UNIX or Linux): usr/pw/dump/pwdump.tar.gz

  • ( Microsoft Windows): InstallationDirectory\pw\dump\pwdump.jar

If you specify a directory and file name when you run a pw dump command, a file with the specified name is created in the specified directory. If you specify a file name, be sure to include the compressed file extension as part of the file name. For example, save pwdump1.tar.gz in the /tmp/ directory for UNIX or Linux or save pwdump1.jar in the c:\temp directory for Microsoft Windows. You can also find the IBRSD integration and configuration related information and the log files in the pwdump.jar file

  • pw dump 1
  • pw dump 2

pw dump 1

The syntax for this command is as follows:

pw dump 1 <dumpfileName>

This command archives the contents of the following logs and temporary directories.

  • installationDirectory/pw/etc
  • installationDirectory/pw/pronto/usr_apps
  • installationDirectory/pw/pronto/usr_config
  • installationDirectory/pw/pronto/usr_mibs
  • installationDirectory/pw/pronto/logs
  • installationDirectory/pw/pronto/tmp
  • database log file
  • installation log file
  • service pack installation log
  • latest monitors installation log
  • installationDirectory/pw/apache/logs
  • installationDirectory/pw/tomcat/logs
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/etc
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/tmp
  • installationDirectory/pw/pronto/data
  • installationDirectory/pw/pproxy/PNS/<OS_type>/config
  • installationDirectory/pw/pproxy/PNS/<OS_type>/log
  • installationDirectory/pw/jboss/server/minimal_jms/log
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/log
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/var/mcdb
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/var/xact

pw dump 2

The syntax for this command is as follows:

pw dump 2 _dumpfileName_

This command archives all the log files and temporary files archived by pw dump 1, and the configuration information from the Infrastructure Management Database. The following configuration files are archived:

  • installationDirectory/apache/conf
  • installationDirectory/tomcat/conf
  • installationDirectory/pw/pronto/conf
  • installationDirectory/pw/custom/conf
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/var

For Oracle, this command will not dump the database tables. To dump the database tables, you can use the scripts provided in the folder that is used to install the BMC ProactiveNet components.

You can also find these scripts in the installation folder of BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management , located at utilities\oracle\custom_table_dump_pnet directory. For using the scripts, see the readme file in the utilities\oracle\custom_table_dump_pnet directory.