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The following table summarizes the available options for more information about a specific event on the All Devices screen
Further information options on the All Devices screen



Drilling down to monitors associated with a device

Click the Device Name link to navigate to Show Monitors: All Events screen. Show Monitors screen gives the monitor details for the device. Use the Tools list to get additional information.

Drilling down to an event list for a device

The middle columns indicate triggered events (if any) on the Device. Click the Severity icon (or the Count) link to view open events.
From the event list screen, you can click Status, Analyze, and Tools links to get additional information.
If Status selected is Closed, then Closed Time is displayed for all closed events.
If Status selected is No Filter, all closed events have Open Time and Closed Time and open events have only Open Time.
No time value is displayed in the Closed Time Column if the event is in open condition.

View event history and graphs for a device

This opens the Event History screen and Graph Display, which you can modify as required.

Analyze probable cause

The probable cause link on the event list opens the Probable cause Analysis screen for selected events and indicates the open events associated with the event. From this screen, you can show graphs and create rules.

Device at a Glance

Device at a Glance allows easy navigation from the graph to other related attributes graphed below without having to re-implement graph selections. When generated, the Device At a Glance page shows a stacked line graph for all monitors on the device. Choose Tools> Device at a Glance.
This option can also be accessed from the Graph Display page.

View the parent group of a subgroup

Choose Tools> Show Parent Groups.

Viewing devices that are associated to a CI

Choose Tools> View Service Impact Graph.

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