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This section describes the upgrade scenario of Integration Service 9.0.xx or 9.5.xx to 9.6.00.


Integration Service 7.7, 8.0, 8.5, or 8.6 must be first upgraded to version 9.0 with the latest patch version before being upgraded to Integration Service 9.6.00.

Before you begin

On the primary node, merge the KB of the earlier BMC ProactiveNet version with the new standard KB of Infrastructure Management 9.6.00 by following the steps for running the KB Migration Wizard described in Migrating the configuration of Infrastructure Management cells.


Do not merge the KB on the secondary node. 

Start the Microsoft Cluster Service on the primary and secondary nodes. 

To upgrade the Integration Service on a primary node

  1. Log on to a virtual node, ensuring that you are on the primary node.
  2. Copy the Integration Service installer ( to the local drive (for example, C:) and extract its contents.
  3. Set the environment variable PATROL_VIRTUALNAME=<Virtual IP address of Cluster>.
  4. Open the command prompt with the Run as administrator option. Access the install.cmd file and run the following command:

    install.cmd -J INSTALL_TYPE=PRIMARY

  5. Perform step 3 through step 11 of Upgrading Integration Service (Microsoft Windows).

To perform the post-upgrade tasks on a secondary node

When you upgrade the Integration Service on the primary node, all the files available on the shared location gets upgraded. Therefore, you need not perform the upgrade on the secondary node. However, you must perform the following configuration to update the services:

  1. Log on to a virtual node, ensuring that you are on the secondary node. 
  2. Set the ProNetAgent cluster resource to offline.
  3. Open the command prompt with the Run as administrator option and run the following command:

    sc description ProNetAgent "BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service 9.6" 
  4. Set the ProNetAgent cluster resource to online.


After the Integration Service is upgraded, a resource called "ProNetAgent" is updated on the cluster. If you want to add an Integration Service to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, add it using the virtual host name of the cluster.  

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