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A production cell is a cell that service operators and service managers use to monitor the events and services associated with your IT resources in real time.

A test cell provides senior service managers and service administrators with a test environment. For event management, a test cell provides KB developers with a test environment for defining event classes, event management rules, policies, actions, and collectors and testing their behavior with test event data.

Production and test cell naming and creation

The only way to distinguish a test cell from a production cell is by the cell name. Adopt a naming convention for test and production cells that clearly identifies its purpose.

You name a cell when it is created. The default production cell is created when you install the Infrastructure Management Server. An additional cell can be created when you install a local agent on a remote computer.

You use the mcrtcell command to create additional production or test cells on a local computer where the cell is being created. For more information about syntax and options available with mcrtcell, see mcrtcell.

Production and test cell configuration

In the administration console, assign the production and test cells to a group. The default groups are MyTest and MyProduction.

Viewing test cell data

 You view test data in administration console.

  • To view test event data, collectors, and actions, select a test cell in the Event Management Policies view. 
  • To view and create test event management policies, select a test cell in the Event Management Policies view. 
  • To view test service model components, use the Find tool in the Services tab and select a test cell.