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Infrastructure Management includes web services that perform operations such as retrieving data, creating events, and managing data for various Infrastructure Management features. These web services are based on Representational State Transfer (REST)-style architecture which uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to send requests and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) standards to receive responses.

Web services are supported on the same platforms as the Infrastructure Management server. For information about the supported platforms, see System requirements and product compatibility.

Consult the following topics for information about how to use web services.


  1. In my opinion, the title "Developing Infrastructure Management" is a poor description of the content of this section. It took me a lot of searching around to figure out that this is the new name for the section that use to be called "Developing BMC ProactiveNet Web Services". The previous title made sense, since this section documents the REST-based web services API. This new title makes no sense at all and makes information harder to find. I therefore strongly urge that you change it back.