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The StateBuilder is an executable, statbld.exe, located in the intsallationDirectory/pw/server/bin directory. It records saved states of the cell at regular intervals. When it starts, the cell loads its last saved state (mcdb). All transactions it performs are stored in a transaction file (xact). As soon as the transaction file reaches a certain size, or after a certain period, the StateBuilder is started. It produces a new saved state from the previous file and from the transaction file. When the cell terminates and restarts, any trailing transaction file is first processed by the StateBuilder to produce a new saved state. A history of saved states and corresponding transaction files can be kept. The mcdb and xact files of that history have their time stamp in the file name.

All mcdb and xact files are located in the installationDirectory/pw/server/var/cellName directory. The StateBuilder runs as configured in the cell's mcell.conf file, which is described in StateBuilder configuration file. The configuration of how the StateBuilder itself operates is in the statbld.conf file.

The following table lists the file naming conventions for the StateBuilder.

StateBuilder file name conventions




State file the cell uses at startup.


New state file being generated.


Saved state history files, where t = time stamp in hexadecimal epoch.
Time stamp t in the mcdb.t file corresponds to the time when the state is created.


Lock file indicating StateBuilder activity.


Transaction file generated by the cell.


Terminated transaction file, where n=1 is the oldest transaction file.


Terminated transaction history file corresponding to mcdb.t.
Time stamp t in the xact.t file refers to the mcdb.t file to which the transactions lead.

There is also a statbld.trace file for the configuration of StateBuilder tracing. For further information, see Configuring tracing for StateBuilder.

The StateBuilder uses the gateway.export file in conjunction with its statbld.conf file to export event data. For more information, see StateBuilder configuration file and Exporting events.