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Whenever a client connects, disconnects, or modifies an event, the cell generates an internal event to represent this operation. Such events are only generated for certain clients configured by means of the ReportConnectClients and ReportModifyClients settings.

The parameter value is interpreted from left to right. Settings that conflict with previous settings override the previous ones. The following table lists the defaults for these two parameters.

Default values for client parameters




browser, Console, mcontrol, mkill, mposter, msetmsg, msetrec


mposter, msetmsg, msetrec

Every parameter corresponds to a reporting clients set. A reporting clients set has a positive and a negative list. Clients that belong to the positive list have their operation reported while operations performed by clients on the negative list are not reported. Clients that are not named in the parameter are considered to be on the default list. The default list is the negative list. The default list can be modified through a special setting of the parameter.

A value for a reporting configuration parameter consists of a comma separated sequence of client names. Every client name can be prefixed with a minus sign (-) or a plus sign (+). The client name prefixed with the minus sign (-) is added to the negative list. When not prefixed, or prefixed with a plus sign (+) , it is added to the positive list.

The special value ALL in place of a client name refers to the default. Including ALL or +ALL modifies the default list so it becomes the positive list. With - ALL, the default list is the negative list. Both parameters could include - ALL, as this is the default setting for clients that are not explicitly mentioned.

The superclass for client operation related events is MC_CELL_CLIENT. The following table lists the slots.





Location of the client as IPAddress:Port


Client's name, as announced by the client, or noname


Type of client, such as adapter, CLI, console, cell

There are three subclasses of this class:

  • MC_CELL_ALLOWED_CONNECT to represent successful client connection 
  • MC_CELL_UNALLOWED_CONNECT to represent a refused connection
    An attempt to connect using an invalid encryption key generates an internal event, MC_CELL_UNALLOWED_CONNECT, that contains the slot reason, which details why the connection is refused. 
  • MC_CELL_DISCONNECT to represent a disconnect.

Another class, MC_CELL_MODIFIED_EVENT, represents the operation of modification of an event. The following table lists the slots.





Universal event ID of the event being modified.


Identification of the user that performed the modification.