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From the Administration Console, you can view all the monitors added to the local system by category and further organized by type. You can also add or delete Key Performance Indicator (KPI) attributes for each monitor type.
Baselines are established only for KPI attributes, by default.


KPIs must be turned on only for parameters suitable for baselining. Increasing KPIs can negatively impact on resources required by the Infrastructure Management Server.

To add or remove KPI attributes for a monitor type

  1. In the Administration Console, from the Administration tab, select the General Administration sub tab.
  2. In the Administration Console, select the General Administration tab and right-click the monitor to delete.
  3. From the menu bar, select Tools > KPI Administration

    Infrastructure Management displays the Confirm Deletion window.
  4. In the Confirm Deletion window, click OK

    The KPI Administration dialog box is displayed.
  5. From the Monitor Type list, select the monitor type for which you want to add or remove KPI attributes.

    A list of attributes for the selected monitor type is displayed in a tabular format.
  6. In the KPIcolumn of the attributes that you want to add or remove as Key Performance Indicators:
    • Select the KPI check box to add the corresponding attribute as a KPI.
    • Clear the KPI check box to remove the corresponding attribute from the KPIs for that monitor type.