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The Infrastructure Management Application Diagnostics invocation tree displays the call stack and the exceptions involved in a selected invocation flow. Information in the call stack can be useful to determine the source of application issues such as slowed performance or accuracy errors.

When you click a link in the Invocation list, the Infrastructure Management Application Diagnostics window displays the call stack of the invocation.

The nodes in the invocation tree represent function calls and exception details in the stack dump. You can expand or collapse the nodes for more comfortable viewing.

To the right of each call, a bar graph represents the length of time spent in the function call and the technologies involved in the call.

Technologies might include one or more of the following list:

  • Web (such as JSP and ASP.NET) 
  • Business Components (such as EJB, COM, and assemblies) 
  • Database (such as JDBC and ADO) 
  • Directory (such as JNDI and Active Directory) 
  • Queue