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This space contains information about the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 9.6 release, which is a product component of BMC TrueSight Operations Management Open link .

BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management is an integrated platform for service availability and performance management of your IT environment. It combines event management, service impact management, performance monitoring, and data analytics (including baselines, abnormality detection, and Root Cause Analysis algorithms) in a single seamless solution for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

What's new

Announcement, March 19, 2016

Released Infrastructure Management PATROL Repository version 10.0.03. For a list of Knowledge Modules included in the repository, see List of Monitoring Solutions and KMs in BMC Infrastructure Management.

For an overview of the exciting features, see 9.6.00 enhancements. For a summary of all announcements, see Release notes and notices.

Where to start

The following table will help you get started with the documentation on this online documentation website.

I...Go to...
Am completely new to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management. I don't know where to start.Key concepts
Am familiar with BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management but don't know about the other "periphery" products around it

CMDB Extensions

BMC Event Adapters

Impact Integration Web Services

Integration for Remedy Service Desk

Want to upgrade my existing BMC ProactiveNet instance to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure ManagementUpgrading
Am a BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management administrator and want to integrate BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management with BMC Cloud Lifecycle ManagementIntegrating with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
Am a BMC Capacity Optimization administrator and want to integrate BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management with BMC Capacity OptimizationIntegrating BMC Capacity Optimization with Infrastructure Management
Want to build a service modelBuilding a service model
Want to create an incident ticketAutomatically create an incident ticket
Want to write REST-based APIs to perform BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management tasksGetting started with Infrastructure Management
Want to know which monitoring solutions I can configure using Central Monitoring AdministrationList of Monitoring Solutions and KMs in Infrastructure Management
Want to set an intelligent threshold using Central Monitoring AdministrationConfiguring a server threshold

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  1. BMC your documentation web site is a complete and total mess!   I have just downloaded and begun to install the latest version of Patrol (9.13.10) on a server.  Many files are no longer present in this version compared to the prior, e.g.,, target, config.default, and more.  I have come to the BMC web site looking for install instructions and I CANNOT FIND THEM!  What should be taking me 30 minutes to an hour to do is now going to be a day-long ordeal.  The continual renaming of products only makes everything worse.  Is Patrol part of True Sight now?   This is ridiculous. It makes working with your products EXTREMELY unpleasant.  I have been a Patrol/Perform admin for many years but I have trouble overcoming these issues with your products and your awful web site. 

  2. Heh, even when you do find them, reading them is a whole nother mess. Disjointed, suggestion is make good use of the communities site.

  3. Sandra Van maren - I cannot agree more and share your frustration.

  4. These docs didn't get much better in the last years..