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Plan to perform the deployment and configuration process in phases. The following phases are recommended.

Phase 1

  • Determine and document implementation architecture.

Phase 2

  • Deploy central management infrastructure and integrations (BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, BMC PATROL consoles, BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM), and BMC Atrium CMDB).

Phase 3

  • Deploy basic data agents and collections (BMC PATROL, and BMC Transaction Management Application Transaction Response Time (BMC TM ART)).

Phase 4

  • Configure availability monitoring and related event processing, and then configure the collection of trended performance data.

Phase 5

  • Configure trended data integration from BMC PATROL to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

Phase 6

  • Configure analytics thresholds where needed, after data has been collected for a period of at least two weeks.

Phase 7

  • Configure Service Modeling.


    Integrate data collection and event sources in specific groups one at a time, and then observe performance of the Infrastructure Management components after each group is integrated. For example, integrate all monitoring for a specific application and then observe and tune the Infrastructure Management components for performance, if needed, before integrating additional collection. Leverage the self-monitoring for performance in the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. As each group is integrated, review the configuration report to verify that the number of devices, instances, and parameters does not exceed the plan. Tune as needed.