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Each event has an mc_modification_date slot that contains the time stamp of the last modification of the event. Only select slot modifications set this time stamp. To add a time stamp to a slot so that the date and time is recorded when the slot is changed, you must configure the mcell.modify file. The mcell.modify file contains the names of the slots that affect the mc_modification_date slot. When one of the slots listed in the mcell.modify file is modified, the mc_modification_date slot is set with the time stamp of this change.

To configure slots for time stamping

  1. Open the mcell.modify file in a text editor.
    The default location is installationDirectory\pw\server \etc.


  2. Create a line entry containing the name of the slot whose modification is to be time stamped. The following figure shows an example of the mcell.modify file.

    mcell.modify file

    # Configuration of slots affecting mc_modification_date when modified
    # Format :
    # SlotName
    # Special name : CLASS : specifies all class-specific slots
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Either reload the cell configuration or stop and start the cell.