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This topic describes how to configure the Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk component in your Infrastructure Management environment.

Configuration overview

After installing the prerequisite software, the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, and the Infrastructure Management CMDB extensions, you must configure the Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk component to work with your BMC Remedy AR System Server and Infrastructure Management. Configuration consists of the following tasks:

  • Changing default attribute mappings
  • Creating and enabling a service policy
  • Configuring information in the BMC Impact Model Designer

You perform these configuration tasks by using BMC Remedy AR System Server. For more information about use of BMC Remedy AR System Server, see the documentation for the specific BMC Remedy product. For more information about the BMC Impact Model Designer, see BMC Impact Model Designer user interface. You can access the documentation for all BMC products at the Customer Support website,

Configuring BMC Remedy IT Service Managment customer and assignee roles

During installation of the Infrastructure Management CMDB Extensions, Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk automatically configures default customer and assignee users for incidents. For example, the default customer (the person or entity reporting the incident) is set to BMC Impact Manager and the default assignee (the person to whom an incident is assigned) is set to Remedy Service Desk Administrator. Though not a configuration requirement for Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk, if you want to specify different users for these roles, you can change the defaults by editing the values in the following BMC Remedy IT Service Management forms:

  • Site Information
  • Company
  • People
  • Support Group
  • Assignment Configuration


If you assign the product categorization information to a specific company, Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk creates incidents automatically with information that is meaningful to the IT organization and assigns them to the respective support personnel based on the categorization information populated in these incidents.

For more information about editing these BMC Remedy IT Service Management forms, see BMC Remedy Service Desk: Incident Management User's Guide.