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This section lists the tasks that you must perform before you begin to upgrade BMC ProactiveNet Server versions 9.0.xx or 9.5.xx to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server 9.6.00:

  • Ensure that you have merged any customized KBs in your BMC ProactiveNet 9.0.xx or 9.5.xx implementation. Note the file path where the merged KB directory resides. See Cell configuration migration (cells)
  • Ensure that you have prepared your setup for upgrade. See Prerequisites for upgrade.
  • (Microsoft Windows) BMC recommends that you remove all the files or folders named "Program" or those that begin with "Program" from the drive where BMC ProactiveNet is installed. For example, if BMC ProactiveNet is installed under C:\Program Files, but another folder C:\Program exists on the same drive, the upgrade may fail. (This recommendation holds true when you install hotfixes also.)
  • Close all the BMC ProactiveNet-related application windows that are opened before launching the upgrade.

  • If you are upgrading a BMC ProactiveNet Server with Central Monitoring Administration or a master BMC ProactiveNet Server versions 9.0.xx or 9.5.xx, you require the Infrastructure Management Central Monitoring Repository base file. Download the repository files from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) facility or copy the files from your installation kit, and then import the repository during the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server or Central Server installation.

  • (Solaris and Linux) Ensure that you have root permissions for the computer on which you want to upgrade the Infrastructure Management Server.
  • (Microsoft Windows) If you are upgrading to Infrastructure Management 9.6 on German and French operating systems and using the Oracle database, then before the upgrade, you must manually grant Administrator access to the dbuser file located in the pw\pronto\conf directory.