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BMC Event Adapters prepare the source event data for processing by the cell event processor. BMC Event Adapters are installed when you install the Integration Service.

Event Adapters read or monitor external event sources from IT assets, format the collected information as cell events, and send these events to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server Cell.

Infrastructure Management provides the following Adapter groups:

  • BMC Event Log Adapter for Windows, which collects source events from the Windows Event Log
  • BMC Event Adapters (BMC EA):
    • LogFile Adapter
    • SNMP Adapter
    • Perl EventLog Adapter for Windows
    • IP Adapters

BMC Event Adapters are implemented in Perl. The adapters run as background processes and generate self-monitoring events that can be viewed in the operator console.

For details about the BMC Event Adapters, see the Features of the BMC Event Adapters.