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The Attributes and Indicators tab lets you dynamically change statistical data displayed in the graph you are viewing. The statistics selections (attributes) vary based on the monitored entity. A colored box around an attribute indicates that there is at least one open event of the severity indicated by the color of the box.

You can select device or application-dependent elements for viewing. Select the attributes you want to graph for each instance. The attributes and indicators available vary depending on the selected monitor. You can chart up to 12 attributes per graph, however, you are limited to two units of measure (# and ms). However, for the monitors that are configured to collect only events using BMC PATROL Agent version 9.5 or later, you can select only one attribute per graph.

You cannot graph inactive attributes. The check boxes for inactive attributes are disabled.

In case all the default graphing attributes are inactive, the attributes selection tab is displayed from where you can select the attributes to be graphed.

Attributes and Indicators tab

For more information about the Attributes and Indicators tab, see Creating a line or area graph.


The Show Annotations and Show PATROL Thresholds indicators are available only for the monitors that are configured using BMC PATROL Agent version 9.5 or later.