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This topic contains information about the enhancements and features introduced in version 9.6.00 of the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management product.

Support for IPv6

Infrastructure Management now supports the IPv6 protocol. That is, Infrastructure Management can communicate over both IPv6 connections and IPv4 connections. The following Infrastructure Management components support IPv6:

  • BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server
  • Integration Service and the remote cell
  • PATROL Agent
  • Intelligent Ticketing
  • Impact Integration Web Services
  • BMC Event Adapters

For IPv6/IPv4 compatibility among various Infrastructure Management components, see Compatibility matrix for IPv6 deployment.

Support for Oracle Database 12c

Infrastructure Management now supports Oracle Database 12c. For information about installing Oracle Database 12c, see Installing the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server on Microsoft Windows with Oracle as database. Oracle Database 12c requires some pre-installation tasks that are listed at Preinstallation tasks for installing the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server with Oracle as database.

Support for SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16

Infrastructure Management 9.6 is embedded with the SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16 database.

Setting up email as an event

In Infrastructure Management version 9.6, you can set up and convert an unread email from the email server to an event. The BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server connects to the email server periodically using the configured credentials to retrieve unread emails. These unread emails are then converted into events.

For more information about setting up email as an event, see Setting up email as an event.

New and updated Infrastructure Management CLI commands

The following pw commands have been introduced in this version:

  • pw monitor list -patrolAgent

    The pw monitor list -patrolAgent lists monitor instances associated with a PATROL Agent. For more information, see pw monitor list.
  • pw diag log shadow

    This command shadows the log file to create another log file with more number of backups and a larger file size without restarting the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. For more information, see pw diag log shadow.

The following pw commands are enhanced in Infrastructure Management:

  • pw group list

    This command now allows you to list the rule based groups without editing the group from the administrator console. For more information about pw group list command, see pw group list.

  • pw dump

    The pw dump command is now enhanced to include Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk related information. You can find the Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk integration and configuration related information and the log files in the pwdump.jar file. For more information about the pw dump command, see pw dump.

  • pw monitor list -a

    The pw monitor list -a command now differentiates monitor instances with devices association details without logging into the operator console. For more information, see pw monitor list.

Enhancements to the consoles

The following enhancements have been made to the BMC ProactiveNet consoles:

Enhancements to REST APIs

  1. Support for streaming events sing the Publish-Subscribe REST API. For more information, see Using the Publish-Subscribe REST approach to receive events.
  2. Updated the following event management REST APIs:
    1. Supports creation of multiple events using API
    2. Search Events API
    3. Search CIs API
    4. Get Related CIs API
    5. Get Events for CI
    6. Get causal events for CI
    7. IMData CRUD APIs
  3. Support for the staging policy in the Central Monitoring Administration REST APIs. For more information, see Creating a policy using web services and Example use case scenarios to create a staging policy.

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