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Integrate with Incident Management using a web service called HPD_IncidentServiceInterface. The web service enables you to create incidents and manage the incident lifecycle, and contains functions to create incidents and add incident work log information. This web service exposes the functions available on the HPD:ServiceInterface form.

Using this web service, you can also integrate applications running in a hybrid Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. For example, you can integrate BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet running on premises with Incident Management running on demand.

The HPD_IncidentServiceInterface web service:

  • Simplifies the tight integration between BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet and Incident Management
  • Removes BMC Truesight's dependency on the variety of AR System forms introduced with the iBRSD Extension installer.
  • Provides an intuitive service-oriented interface to communicate with Incident Management
  • Enables easy interaction between BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet and Incident Management
  • Improves support for the hybrid SaaS environment

This integration supports Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 of Intelligent Ticketing. For more information about the Intelligent Ticketing levels, see BMC Service Resolution Levels.

Accessing the web service

You can access the web service using a web service client. For example, using a client such as the SOAP UI, enter the web service URL in the following format to connect to the web service:


For example:


Web service operations

The following operations are available in the HPD_IncidentServiceInterface web service:




Creates an incident. Returns Incident ID on success.


Adds work information to an incident.

Process_EventFor internal use only.

For more information about the supported web service operations, see HPD_IncidentServiceInterface operations.

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