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Use this command to start collection of all data collectors together or the data collector specified.

To understand the syntax and examples, see:



Prefix this command with the following, as appropriate:

  • For Windows: itda.bat
  • For Linux: ./

startcollection –u <userName> [-v] [-s] –w <password> –d <hostName> 
–p <portNumber> –n <dataCollectorName>
  • Angle brackets (< >) indicate a variable value that needs to be user defined.

  • Square brackets ([ ]) indicate optional parameters.

The following table describes the parameters used in the syntax:

Host name of the Console Server

Name of the data collector

To start all collectors specify _ALL_ as the value.

Port number of the Console Server
User name to use to connect with the Console Server
(Optional) Version of the IT Data Analytics product
Password corresponding to the user name to use to connect with the Console Server
(Optional) Indicates an HTTPS connection

Example input

The following example provides the input for starting the collection of a data collector:

startcollection -u admin -w admin -d localhost -p 9797 -n csmCollector

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