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You can enter commands in the command line interface (CLI) to perform various actions in the BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics (or IT Data Analytics) product.

Setting up and running the CLI

The CLI is supported for both Windows and UNIX operating systems. Before you can start using CLI commands, you must first set up the CLI.

To set up the CLI

  1. Unzip the file located at one of the following locations to create the appropriate CLI directory:

    • Windows: %BMC_ITDA_HOME%\utilities\

    • Linux: $BMC_ITDA_HOME/utilities/

    To run the CLI on a computer other than where you have installed BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics, copy the file to the computer on which you want to run the CLI and unzip it.


    • You must have the JAVA_HOME environment variable set up on the computer on which you want to use the CLI. 
    • The computer on which BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics is installed must be accessible from the computer on which you want to use the CLI.
  2. Run the itda file (for Windows) or the file (for Linux) from the CLI directory created in step 1.


    All commands must be prefixed with the following:

    • For Windows: itda.bat
    • For Linux: ./
      After unzipping, you must give execute permissions to the file.

This product supports the following commands: