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The following topics explain the process for planning the implementation or deployment of the BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics product:

Planning worksheetsProvides a list of items that you must plan before you start installing the product
Single server deploymentProvides information related to the deployment architecture of the product along with sizing and scalability recommendations
Sizing and scalability considerationsProvides information about the sizing and scaling recommendations, variables that affect sizing, and FAQs related to performance and scalability.
Data collection mechanismsProvides information about the various collection mechanisms that you can employ for data collection purposes
System requirements

Provides the following information required for installing the product:

  • Hardware requirements
  • Software requirements
  • Supported integrations
User roles and access controlsProvides information about the various user roles available with the product and the permissions that can be applied to those user roles
SecurityProvides information about the various levels of security provided by the product
Data collection best practicesProvides best practices (or recommendations) for data collection
Search best practicesProvides best practices (or recommendations) for searching data