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Monitoring various kinds of product metrics files

You can monitor two kinds of product metrics files:

  • Product metrics for the Search component
  • Product metrics for the Collection Station

The following table lists the file locations for each component:

ComponentOperating systemDirectory path
Collection StationWindows%BMC_ITDA_HOME%\station\collection\logs\Collection_metrics.log

You can create a data collector to collect the logs and monitor them by performing searches, adding views, or adding notifications. For more information about the search syntax, see Syntax for searching the product metrics file.

Monitoring events indexed in the last week

When you click the Search tab, a line chart showing events indexed in the last week are displayed. However, you must first collect the data to display on the line chart, by creating a data collector.

To monitor events indexed in the last week

  1. Navigate to Administration > Data Collectors to create a data collector of the type Monitor file on Collection Agent.
  2. Enter the following inputs into the fields:
    • Collection Host (Agent): Retain the default selection that points to the Collection Station to collect the product data locally.
    • Directory Path: Set this value to $BMC_ITDA_HOME/station/collection/logs.
    • Filename/Rollover Pattern: Set this value to Collection_metrics*.log.
    • Pattern: Set this value to ITDA Metrics.
    • Under the Group Access section, select the user groups that need to see the data plotted on the graph.
  3. Provide other necessary user inputs.
    For more information about the remaining user inputs and those listed in the preceding step, see Monitor file on Collection Agent.
  4. Click Create.

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