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This topic explains how to obtain the installation and other files that you need to install BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics.       

List of installation files

The following table lists the following files to download for installing the BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics 1.0.00 according to the instructions in Downloading the files.

  • Product installation files (marked with (star))
  • Supplementary product files for installing BMC PATROL KM for IT Data Analytics
  • Third party supplementary materials files

Product files for the Windows platform

EPD (e-item) nameProduct file name

(star) BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics Version 1.0.00

BMC PATROL KM for IT Data Analytics Version 1.0.00

Product files for the Linux platform

EPD (e-item) nameProduct file name

(star) BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics Version 1.0.00


BMC PATROL KM for IT Data Analytics Version 1.0.00


Third party supplementary materials file

EPD (e-Item) name

File name


Supplementary Materials Files for BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics Version 1.0.00

Compressed archive of third party supplementary materials files.

Downloading the files

The product files that you download from the BMC Software Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website might contain some or all of the patches listed on a product’s Customer Support web page. If the EPD page shows that a patch is included in a file that you downloaded, you do not need to obtain that patch separately.

  1. Create a directory in which to place the downloaded files.


    On Microsoft Windows computers, ensure that the directory is only one level into the directory structure. The EPD package creates a directory in the temporary directory when you extract the files, and the directory that contains the installation image should not be in a directory deeper than two levels into the directory structure.

  2. Go to Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website.

  3. At the logon prompt, enter your user ID and password, and click Submit.
  4. On the Export Compliance and Access Terms page, provide the required information, agree to the terms of the agreements, and click Continue.
  5. If you are accessing this site for the first time, create an EPD profile to specify the languages and platforms that you want to see, per the EPD site help; otherwise, skip to step 6.
  6. Verify that the correct profile is displayed for your download purpose. If necessary, use the Profile list to select a different profile. 
  7. From the Component View (the default view), in the Filter Products text box under Products, type part or all of the product name (BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics) and press Enter, or click Go.


    Only the product components entitled for the licenses you own will be displayed.

  8. From the filtered list, select BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics.

  9. In the pop-up window, select the appropriate platform and click Go.

    By default, the Version list is set to the latest GA version and the Platform list is set to All Platforms.

  10. Click the Products tab and select the check boxes next to the files that you want to download.
  11. Click Download (FTP) or Download Manager:
    • Download (FTP) places the selected items in an FTP directory, and the credentials and FTP instructions are sent to you in an email message.
    • Download Manager enables you to download multiple files consecutively and to resume an interrupted download if the connection drops.
      This method requires a one-time installation of the Akamai NetSession client program on the target computer and is usually the faster and more reliable way to transfer files. A checksum operation is used to verify file integrity automatically.
  12. To go back to the product listing page to download other product files, or to logout from EPD, click the << Back to Product List link that is displayed to the top-right of the pop-up window.

Where to go from here

Carefully review the system requirements for your platform and other tasks necessary for setting up the installation environment. You must perform these tasks before you launch the installation program. 

For installation instructions, see Installing.


  1. Hello


    Just a question how we install the supplementary material ?


    Thanks for the feedback

    1. Hi, 

      You don't install those files. We provide them to satisfy legal agreements with the authors of third-party software (tps) providers.

    2. Hello!

      The supplementary material can be downloaded from the EPD. It does not need to be installed.

      I hope this answers your question, thank you.